The Avery: AXIS Gear Case Study

The Avery

An AXIS Gear Case Study

The Avery is a 56-story residential tower located in San Francisco, CA. The Avery has 548 units that include 118 luxury view condominiums, 280 luxury apartments and 150 affordable apartments. The opening was announced by Related Companies, the largest privately-owned real estate firm in the United States, in June 2019.

The Problem

In order to rent out all 548 units in their building, it was necessary to meet accessibility regulations brought forward by the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA). 30 of 548 units needed to become ADA compliant by installing motorized window shades. Because The Avery already had manual window shades installed and the tower’s launch was only days away, they sought out a cost-efficient and low lead time solution. Traditional motorized shading solutions were too expensive, time extensive, and would prove difficult to match the specific look of the other manual shades installed.Under extreme time and budgetary restraints, Paul Wang, Senior Associate at Y.A. Associates, began looking for alternative solutions.

The Solution

After being recommended AXIS Gear, Paul contacted AXIS to complete the project. “As a retrofit solution that allows window shades that are already installed in the unit to become motorized, Gear was the ideal solution for our project.”By manipulating the pull mechanism of the currently installed manual window shades, as opposed to replacing any core aspects of the window shade, Gear was able to be installed faster and with less complication that any comparable solution.

“As a retrofit solution that allows window shades that are already installed in the unit to become motorized, Gear was the ideal solution for our project.”

Paul Wang

The Outcome

Between product and installation costs, Gear represented a total savings of 79% off more traditional offerings. Due to the fast-moving team at AXIS and the natural simplicity of the product, The Avery was able to have their 30 residential units ADA complaint and ready to rent in just 3 days, savings thousands of dollars in the opportunity cost of vacant units.”The team at AXIS moves fast. Their product and their team was the perfect fit to solving our budgetary and timing constraints.”

The Installation

On June 27, AXIS installed Gear onto 92 windows in 30 residential units – in a variety of spaces such as living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, offices, and hallways.

The project was completed in only 3 days.

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