Are Your Windows Ready for SmartShade?

So you’ve done some research and decided that you’re ready to invest in putting SmartShade on your window shades. You want the benefits of motorized shades but don’t want to deal with tossing out your perfectly good shades or the traditionally hefty price tag (who wouldn’t!).

Of course, the ability to automate any blind or shade with app, scheduling, and voice control sounds fantastic. But it is the fact that it only takes 10 minutes to install and works with just about any window shade are the things that really turn motorized shades from an out-of-reach luxury to something that can easily belong in each and every home.

But how can you find out if your windows (and the shades on them) are truly ready to be upgraded with SmartShade?

It really is as simple as taking a look at the window shades you have installed today to confirm that SmartShade will work with them, and in this article I will show you exactly how to do that.

Do You Have The Right Window Shades?

RYSE SmartShade is an upgrade for the blinds and shades you already own and love. Simply attach it to your blind’s chain to transform them into smart blinds. Installation couldn’t be simpler and it only takes a few minutes.

But how exactly can you tell if your window shades are compatible?

It’s simple!

RYSE SmartShade works with any window covering that uses a looped beaded chain. From roller shades to vertical blinds, regardless of brand or size.

Here are some examples of window shade types that are compatible with RYSE SmartShade:

But did you know that the type of window shade is really only 1 small part of the equation?

It’s actually the window shade’s pull mechanism that is more important. Let me explain…

Will SmartShade Work For You?

As mentioned in the previous section, RYSE SmartShade works with any window shade that uses a beaded chain as its pull mechanism.

Here are some examples of what different beaded chains look like while installed into SmartShade:

And while on the topic of installation, it is important to be confident that you can handle the installation of SmartShade when deciding if it is the right solution for you and your home.

Can You Install SmartShade?

Thankfully, RYSE SmartShade is so easy to install that you can do it yourself. In fact, making installation as simple as possible was a key requirement for our engineering and design teams.

See how simple it is to install for yourself:

1. Attach the mounting bracket with screws (for wood frames) or double-sided tape (for metal frames).

2. Loop your chain into the cogwheel. 

3. Snap it on to the mounting bracket.

Once the physical installation is complete, it is simply a matter of setting the top and endpoints of your window shade using the free RYSE app or intuitive on-device controls. This way, SmartShade knows the limits of your window shade when you are controlling or scheduling it.

What About Other Blinds & Curtains?

Currently, the RYSE SmartShade is designed to work with any shades with a beaded chain. As mentioned earlier in this article, these are generally roller shades and roman shades.

Though our second-generation is functional, beautiful, and will transform millions of existing shades, we’re not content stopping here

Our ethos is to continue to innovate and disrupt the smart home industry with forward-thinking products that will make life at home, the office, and hotels comfortable. Each of these different spaces has different types, styles, and sizes of window coverings. 

For the next few years, we intend to continue to develop multiple iterations of the RYSE SmartShade so it can adapt to multiple shade, blind, and curtain types

Our vision is to OWN the “Smart Shades” space. And to do this, we need to develop a product for every type of window covering out there.

We want RYSE to be synonymous with smart shades — just like what Nest is to the thermostat, Ring is to the doorbell, or Dyson is to the vacuum, we want consumers to think of RYSE when they think of smart shades!

My team and I are committed to our vision and have tons of ideas to help us realize it in the near future. 

Investors, join our movement and get involved by investing in RYSE today:

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