Trung Pham

Trung Pham

Trung Pham is the CEO and founder of RYSE, the company behind the next generation retrofit motorization product, SmartShades. Trung is also the co-founder of a rapidly growing entertainment app in Toronto.

How The SmartShade Ecosystem Works

The suite of Smart products from RYSE can be set up quickly and easily, and work together to give you the smartest home on the block. Most smart home products offer intelligent automation features by sacrificing simplicity, in our experience,…

What SmartShades Works With

RYSE SmartShade works in harmony with smart home brands that you already know and love to make life more simple. Control all the shades in your home with some of your favorite brands like Apple, Google, and Alexa. Nothing is…

How SmartShades Improve Privacy

Privacy is a hot-button issue for many home and building owners. It’s no surprise that people want to feel safe in their homes, and the idea of someone looking into your windows when walking or driving by your property has…