November 2

AXIS Gear Installation

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With AXIS Gear you can turn your ordinary blinds into smart and automated blinds. No installers or a degree in rocket-science required.

  • Install and setup in just minutes.
  • Compatible with a variety of shades, blinds, and curtains.
  • Save time and money by upgrading the shades you already own.

Watch how easy it is to transform your ordinary blinds into smart and automated blinds:

How To Install Your Automated Blinds

Step One: Install the mounting bracket

  • The mounting bracket keeps your Gear sturdy and in place. 
  • The included template guides you to the perfect position. 
  • Use the included tape or mounting screws. You can even use both for an optimal installation.

Step Two: Attach your chain

  • Loop in your chain.
  • Snap the cover closed.

Step Three: Slide Gear onto the bracket

  • The bracket has been designed so that you can make adjustments up or down.
  • Your Gear is now ready to be plugged in and powered on!

Want even more detail on the installation?

About the author

Trung Pham is the CEO and founder of RYSE, the company behind the next generation retrofit motorization product, SmartShades. Trung is also the co-founder of a rapidly growing entertainment app in Toronto.

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