AXIS Gear Installation

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With AXIS Gear you can turn your ordinary blinds into smart and automated blinds. No installers or a degree in rocket-science required.

  • Install and setup in just minutes.
  • Compatible with a variety of shades, blinds, and curtains.
  • Save time and money by upgrading the shades you already own.

Watch how easy it is to transform your ordinary blinds into smart and automated blinds:

How To Install Your Automated Blinds

Step One: Install the mounting bracket

  • The mounting bracket keeps your Gear sturdy and in place. 
  • The included template guides you to the perfect position. 
  • Use the included tape or mounting screws. You can even use both for an optimal installation.

Step Two: Attach your chain

  • Loop in your chain.
  • Snap the cover closed.

Step Three: Slide Gear onto the bracket

  • The bracket has been designed so that you can make adjustments up or down.
  • Your Gear is now ready to be plugged in and powered on!

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