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Complete your smart home.

Upgrade your existing window shades.

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Keep The Shades You Love

Easy To Install

Scheduling / Timers

Voice Control

App Control

Smart Home Integrations

Wire-Free Battery Pack

Energy Savings

On-Device Controls

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Get 40% off when launch:

Make your life easy: schedule your shades to fit your daily routine

Set schedules /timers to perfectly suit your preferences from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed.

With RYSE SmartShades you can:

  • Wake up to refreshing sunshine
  • Go to bed in complete privacy
  • Keep your home office cool and comfortable durring your work-from-home hours
  • Transform your living room into the ultimate home theater

Transform your living room into the ultimate home theater

Close your blinds, dim the lights, and snuggle up for that new show you’ve been meaning to watch. All with a simple voice command, schedule setting or tap on your phone.

Transform your living room into a home theater or simply control the temperature and lighting. Either way, you can kiss the annoying TV glare goodbye for once and for all.

Wake up naturally to refreshing sunshine

Fall asleep faster and for longer at night and wake up naturally to refreshing sunshine in the morning.

Maintain a healthy sleep-wake rhythm that is in sync with your natural circadian rhythm.

RYSE uses scheduling and timers to automatically close your blinds at night and open them in the morning. 

Get 40% off when we launch:

Control your shades with just your voice

Nothing is as simple and easy as controlling your shades with your voice. By just saying, “Alexa, open my shades – Ryse does the rest. 

Refreshing sunlight or comforting shade is only a Hey Google, Alexa or Siri away.

Bring complete home automation to your Smart Home

You can finally complete your smart home with smart blinds. Complete control is in your hands.

Get fine tuned control of your home with:

  • Your own custom schedules/timers
  • Smart integrations with your favorite home automation systems and devices
  • Simple voice control and intuitive on-device controls

Half the price, twice the possibilities

Motorized blinds usually cost around $1,000 USD and force you to throw out the great blinds you already have installed.

Save money and do you part for the environment by upgrading the blinds you already own and love. Plus, you get:

  • On-device controls
  • Unlimited schedules, timers and groups
  • Smartphone control with new updates and features being added by the passionate and ambitious RYSE team

The best products are ones that pay for themselves.

In the summer most of the unwanted heat enters your house through the windows.

With RYSE, you can set your blinds to automatically close during the day when you leave for work, and it will lower your room temperature by as much as 11 degrees

This means your A/C doesn’t have to work as hard and you cut down on your energy bill!

Security, privacy and anti-theft

Protect your home and everything in it by setting your blinds to close as you leave the house. 

Can’t remember if you closed the blinds? Get peace of mind and double check it with the RYSE app. Remotely close your blinds from the car or simply set them to automatically close as you leave the house. 

You can even set them to move while you’re away to give the impression that someone’s home.

Scheduling and app control

Lower your blinds to shut out the glare, or open them up to enjoy some sunlight. Complete control is just a tap away with the RYSE app. 

Set schedules /timers to perfectly suit your preferences from the time you wake up to the time you go to bed. Group your blinds together in the app to create rooms, making things even more easier and more convenient.

  • Individual shade control (0% to 100%)
  • Group shade control (0% to 100%)
  • Unlimited schedules/timers
  • Add multiple users

Will it work for you?

RYSE is an upgrade for the blinds and shades you already own and love. 

Attach RYSE to your blind’s chain or cord loop to transform them into smart blinds. Installation couldn’t be simpler and it only takes a few minutes.

RYSE works with any window covering that uses a looped beaded chain or continuous cord loop. From roller shades to roman shades, regardless of brand or size.

Wire Free (if you want it to be)

Don’t like messing around with wires and cables?

RYSE can be completely wire free with the optional quick-release battery pack. This battery pack lasts 6 months depending on usage and is easily recharged via the included USB cable.

Keep the look of your home clean and pristine.

Get 40% off when we launch:

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