How SmartShade Perfectly Fits A Hotel’s Brand And Aesthetic

Not all hotels are created equal. When it comes to the visual brand and aesthetic of any hotel, there are many factors that can be considered in order to create an experience that is both unique and memorable.

Hotel owners put a lot of time and money into their exact aesthetic and it is no wonder that those same hotel owners absolutely love RYSE SmartShade.

SmartShade helps hotels achieve their goal of creating unique and memorable experiences by providing them with automated window shades that seamlessly blend into their environment.

How does our product do this you ask?

It’s simple: by using our suite of smart and automated retrofit shading devices, they actually get to keep the window shades they’ve already painstakingly picked to fit the quality and comfort of their hotel.

Hotels need to have a cohesive look and feel throughout, and when a hotel partners with RYSE, no compromises need to be made to the original vision for their look and feel.

Why A Hotel’s Brand And Aesthetic Is Important To Them

From the look of the hotel building to the hotel’s website, the design of a hotel is crucial to creating a fantastic first impression to new and returning guests.

The images that guests see on the company website and the look of the building exterior establish expectations for the experience they can expect from that hotel from quality and comfort to functionality and atmosphere.

I know, I know… you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But today’s discerning consumer definitely does, and let’s face it: beauty signifies quality, particularly when it comes to the hospitality industry.

With hotels, aesthetics and design are more than just strategic marketing tools. A high-quality customer experience influences return visits, spend, word of mouth, and loyalty – the lifeblood of any quality hotel.

However, when designing a hotel, the interior designers and architects have to balance aesthetic and design with operational and functionality goals.

Finding that perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality is made easy with RYSE SmartShade.

How SmartShade Preserves Aesthetic

RYSE smart shading devices are retrofit products – upgrades that can be added to a manual window shade that is already installed to transform it into a smart and automated window shade.

By retrofitting a RYSE product onto a window shade, hotel owners are able to preserve the look and feel of their building while at the same time upgrading the functionality of their spaces.

There is no need for extra wiring or installation because it fits perfectly over existing window shades and there is no need to throw out the original shades for automated window shades that may not fit the hotel’s original design.

RYSE SmartShade has all the features of the traditional window shade, but with added benefits and smart functionality.

How SmartShade Adds Functionality

Automated shades greatly increase the functionality of a hotel, greatly improving the experience and, in turn, the hotel’s bottom line.

Hotel staff can easily control light levels in individual rooms without disrupting other guests, and guests can easily make window shade adjustments themselves with the RYSE app or intuitive on-device controls.

Beyond guest experience and comfort, SmartShade products can optimize energy savings when integrated with a building automation system or simply by leveraging RYSE’s intelligent scheduling features.

By combining aesthetics and functionality, RYSE’s suite of smart shading products are the perfect solution for any hotel looking to realize the vision for their brand and hotel experience.

Become An Investor In RYSE, Inc

Our vision is to OWN the “Smart Shades” space. And to do this, we need to develop a product for every type of window covering out there.

We want RYSE to be synonymous with smart shades — just like what Nest is to the thermostat, Ring is to the doorbell, or Dyson is to the vacuum, we want consumers to think of RYSE when they think of smart shades!

My team and I are committed to our vision and have tons of ideas to help us realize it in the near future. 

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