How SmartShades Improve Privacy

Privacy is a hot-button issue for many home and building owners. It’s no surprise that people want to feel safe in their homes, and the idea of someone looking into your windows when walking or driving by your property has caused many people to take some extra precautions.

Sure, home security systems are a no-brainer and so are having some trusty window shades installed. But, the issue with the latter is that although you get the benefit of privacy, you quickly lose the energizing benefits of natural lighting.

..but what if you could have both the benefits of privacy and the benefits of natural lighting?

RYSE SmartShade offers home and building owners the opportunity to automate their window shades and blinds for improved privacy without sacrificing convenience or natural lighting.

When connected with the powerful RYSE app, users are able to control their window coverings from the comfort of their smartphone, meaning that it is now possible to adjust on the fly or even schedule your window treatments to automatically adjust depending on the time of day.

Keep reading to learn more about how smart shades can improve privacy in buildings and homes without the typical downsides of installing motorized window blinds.

What Are Smart Shades?

RYSE SmartShade is the most affordable solution to motorize any window shade that has a beaded chain. It integrates with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit with the RYSE SmartBridge and can be completely wire-free with the RYSE BatteryPack.

SmartShade is the second-generation version of our smart shades product (the first being AXIS Gear) and is only the first of many retrofit devices designed and developed by RYSE to intelligently automate window treatments of all types, sizes and brands.

Privacy Without Sacrifice

Privacy in the home is becoming a premium. Not only do we want our homes to be safe, but we also want them to be private.

On their own, window treatments are a fantastic way to add some privacy to your home. They are a simple but effective way to prevent anyone on the outside from seeing your valuables and loved ones.

However, they have one main issue: you sacrifice natural lighting and the view outside by having your window treatments closed all the time.

With RYSE SmartShade, users can use the on-device controls or RYSE app to adjust their window shades with a simple tap, making it much easier to quickly switch between privacy and natural lighting.

In addition to this, the RYSE app can make this even easier and more automated with the power of scheduling.

The Power Of Scheduling

We’ve mentioned in previous blog posts that the #1 feature that RYSE customers love is scheduling.

Although one of the more common routine schedules that RYSE users enjoy is setting their window shades to open up automatically in the morning, another is to set them to automatically close at night for privacy.

With the RYSE app, you can set your window shades to open and close at specific times, and this can be completely customized based on your individual privacy and natural lighting needs.

This can even be taking to the next level by creating a “Vacation Mode” using the scheduling feature, where your window shades can move up and down throughout the day to simulate presence when you are away to prevent any unwanted guests.

Although the main power of scheduling window blinds and shades is convenience, there are several ways that scheduling can be used to enhance a home or building’s privacy and security.

Become An Investor In RYSE, Inc

Our vision is to OWN the “Smart Shades” space. And to do this, we need to develop a product for every type of window covering out there.

We want RYSE to be synonymous with smart shades — just like what Nest is to the thermostat, Ring is to the doorbell, or Dyson is to the vacuum, we want consumers to think of RYSE when they think of smart shades!

My team and I are committed to our vision and have tons of ideas to help us realize it in the near future. 

Investors, join our movement and get involved by investing in RYSE today:

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