How The SmartShade Ecosystem Works

The suite of Smart products from RYSE can be set up quickly and easily, and work together to give you the smartest home on the block.

Most smart home products offer intelligent automation features by sacrificing simplicity, in our experience, this is particularly true when it comes to installing and setting them up for the first time.

When designing and developing SmartShade, SmartBridge, and BatteryPack, our team spent months obsessing over every detail so that you can spend only minutes setting up your smarter and simpler home.

If you’re ready to learn more about how the SmartShade ecosystem works, simply keep reading to learn about the delightful experience we have in store just for you.

What SmartShade Is Compatible With

First: the basics.

You may be wondering what kind of window shade types that SmartShade is compatible with, and, more importantly, if SmartShade is compatible with your unique window shade situation.

RYSE SmartShade works with any window shade that uses a beaded chain.

To give you a better idea of what we mean by this, see if your window shades pull mechanism is similar to any of these:

Although SmartShade can work with any window shade that uses a beaded chain, you may be wondering what types of window shade is most common to have these.

The most common types of window shades to work with SmartShade are roller shades, zebra blinds, roman shades, and vertical blinds:

The RYSE App

The heart of the RYSE experience is in the RYSE app, a completely free companion to the SmartShades in your home that allows you to conveniently control the privacy, natural lighting, and natural heating in any given room.

Set dynamic routines for your ideal mornings, nights and everything in between. Your shades will automatically adjust throughout the day based on your unique preferences, allowing for unmatched comfort and convenience without you having to lift a single finger.

Have your hands full with the kids or find yourself deeply focused on your work or favorite show? Take complete control of your home where and when you need it by making adjustments to your shades with the tap of a finger or with a simple voice gesture.

Group your shades together to effortlessly set all the shades in your room to the perfect position for movie time, sunbathing, privacy, or relaxing sleep. It’s never been easier to make your home work for you, instead of the other way around.

..but, how do you get your SmartShade set up in the first place?

Installation & Setup

Installing and setting up your RYSE products is simple and only takes a few minutes. No Tylenol required.

Getting your SmartShade working with your home only takes 3 basic steps:

  1. Install the wall mount
  2. Loop your window shade’s chain into SmartShade and attach it to the wall mount
  3. Pair your SmartShade to the RYSE app via the SmartBridge

Convinced you have a more unique set up and it won’t be that easy for you?

We’ve built a detailed and interactive installation guide inside of the RYSE app that will walk you through the entire process, step-by-step as if a friendly member of our team is right there with you.

You’ll be all set up quickly, with no stress, frustration, or confusion. The RYSE app’s installation guide is a curated experience that provides tailor-made instructions for your unique window setup.

Going Wireless With The RYSE BatteryPack

A wire-free setup gives you a clean and professional look to make sure the look and feel of your home is unchanged.

No wires make it easier to install SmartShade wherever you want and even makes for a safer environment for both your pets and small children.

Enjoy your smarter home with few interruptions with 3 to 6 months of battery life after only 3 to 4 hours of charging.

Get The RYSE Experience With The SmartBridge

If the RYSE app is the heart of the RYSE experience, SmartBridge is the brain. The SmartBridge is what allows for voice control, smart integrations, scheduling, and more. 

The way it works is simple:

  1. Plug the SmartBridge into a nearby outlet
  2. Use the included Ethernet cable to connect it to your WiFi router or an active Ethernet port
  3. Add your SmartBridge to the RYSE app

Once the SmartBridge has been added, your SmartShades can use smart home integrations, voice control, scheduling, groups, user sharing, and more to unlock the true RYSE experience for your home.

Famously Asked Questions

We’ve put together a list of the most frequently asked questions that our team gets around how RYSE products work.

Here is what has been on our customer’s minds:

Will SmartShade work without the SmartBridge?

Yes. But, we highly recommend using the SmartBridge with your SmartShades. Without the SmartBridge you can only use the app and on-device controls for basic up and down control.

Only when paired with the SmartBridge, can your SmartShades use smart home integrations, voice control, scheduling, groups, user sharing, and more!

Do I need the SmartBridge to get smart home integrations?

Yes. The RYSE SmartBridge is needed to allow for your SmartShade devices to be integrated with other smart home devices and to be controlled with your voice with Google Home, Alexa, and Siri/HomeKit.

How heavy of a shade can it lift?

We’ve designed SmartShades to lift approximately 9 ft x 9 ft or 10 lbs of weight.

Can I install it on metal window frames?

Yes. You can use the included double-sided adhesive tape to safely and securely install your RYSE SmartShades on to your metal window frame.

Can I install it on the vertical frame between 2 windows?

Yes. This frame in the middle is called the “mullion”. Because these are so common, we’ve developed a specific Mullion Mounting Bracket just for this use case!

How long does it take to charge the BatteryPack?

The BatteryPack can be recharged within 4 hours using the included Micro-USB cable

Become An Investor in RYSE, Inc. 

Our vision is to put an RYSE product on every window shade. We want people to think of RYSE when they think of smart shades.

RYSE SmartShade, being an automated solution, just makes life easier – everything is done for you, so you can maintain a comfortable lifestyle. For example, you can have your shades open every morning at 8 AM to help you wake up and allow that morning light to brighten up your morning. Or, if you’re sitting on the sofa for an afternoon movie, you can easily tell Google or Alexa to lower the shades to prevent glare. It just makes life more comfortable and easy.

Investors, join our movement and get involved by investing in RYSE today:

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