How (& Why) RYSE Secures Pilot Projects

What Is A RYSE Pilot Project?

Pilot projects are real-world opportunities to experiment with any new idea or approach at a smaller scale to make sure that it is feasible to deploy at a larger scale. For RYSE, pilot projects are currently completely focused on deploying our product in commercial settings like hotels and offices.

Why the focus on commercial projects?

Having already successfully brought the AXIS Gear to market, the concept of retrofit motorization has already proven to be a hit in the consumer space.

By looking forward and towards the future, we know that the next logical step is to prove that our revolutionary product is not only a fantastic consumer product for homes but is also an effective and efficient solution in a commercial setting.

As the users of AXIS Gear know very well, SmartShade products not only bring convenience and comfort to their rooms but are also an effective tool to conserve energy and reduce their dependence on artificial lighting.

All of which are benefits that commercial building owners are constantly seeking out.

Why RYSE Deploys Pilot Projects

Any pilot project helps us confirm that our product is ready for full-scale project deployment and allows our team to fine-tune and optimize our product even further.

This concept of testing and feedback is actually something deeply embedded in the RYSE company culture, from product testing to A/B testing our marketing efforts to the way we choose to launch our products via crowdfunding campaigns.

On top of this, with an extremely fresh and new concept like retrofit motorization (as is with the RYSE SmartShade), it is even more important to prove ourselves in a real-world setting to best move us towards our goal of dethroning traditional motorization solutions.

How We Identify Good Candidates For Pilot Projects

When looking for good candidates for pilot project programs, there are a few key things we look for.

Currently, we find it extremely valuable for our initial pilot projects to based in Toronto, Canada. Because our team and head office is based in this city, it is important for our team to be near the pilot project location so that we can maximize the learnings and minimize any time gaps in the feedback loop.

We also look for partners that embody the same values as RYSE, with a focus on embracing new kinds of technologies such as the RYSE SmartShade to meet their goals of improving occupant comfort and optimizing energy savings.

Finally, we look for pilot project opportunities that will be able to help us prove our product in different environments, help us optimize and improve upon our product, and allow for further business growth opportunities.

The Annex Hotel

The Annex hotel is a high-tech, low-touch boutique hotel with a focus on life vs. ‘just sleep.’

RYSE will allow guests of the Annex Hotel to enjoy a higher quality of life from the moment they wake up to natural sunshine, to when they go to sleep in the privacy of darkness. Not to mention they will be able to easily control their shades from the comfort of their beds through their iPads while watching Netflix. 

The Annex is a hotel that thinks about the environment and how it can reduce our carbon footprint. That’s what makes RYSE such a great addition to the Annex. 

A new kind of hotel needs new kinds of technologies that enable guests to have complete control of their rooms, without significant learning curves. This is a key reason why Annex partnered with RYSE, to compliment their tech-enabled hotel experience while creating a more customizable stay for their guests.


Eureka Hub is a co-working space for tech and creative companies, with locations in California and Toronto, and is owned by their investment company ERGO Properties.

They are constantly looking for ways to improve their buildings by morphing them into spaces that their companies truly love to experience. By allowing them to convert their normal window shades into automated ones, they can do just that with RYSE

RYSE allows them to add value to both our investment properties and to the communities within their buildings.

Features like scheduling, on-device controls, and integration with Building Automation Systems allowing them to modernize their spaces in a way that both their companies, guests, and tenants will love. RYSE helps them in their goal to breathe new life into their buildings and their communities.

Become An Investor in RYSE, Inc. 

Our vision is to put an RYSE product on every window shade. We want people to think of RYSE when they think of smart shades.

RYSE SmartShade, being an automated solution, just makes life easier – everything is done for you, so you can maintain a comfortable lifestyle. For example, you can have your shades open every morning at 8 AM to help you wake up and allow that morning light to brighten up your morning. Or, if you’re sitting on the sofa for an afternoon movie, you can easily tell Google or Alexa to lower the shades to prevent glare. It just makes life more comfortable and easy.

Investors, join our movement and get involved by investing in RYSE today:

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