Make Guests Comfortable this Summer with Heat Control Solutions

Summer is just around the corner and the heat is on. If you live in the southern area, you are probably preparing yourself for another three months of inferno. Or you can simply find a suitable cooling solution or heat control solution to keep your home from turning into a giant oven.

The extreme heat expected to hit this summer can cause a lot of health risks. Heavy heat waves are dreaded in the states of Florida, California, Arizona, Texas, and more. Arizona alone had to go through 31 days of 110 degrees temperature last year. What’s worse is you may yet to see the hottest, driest summer that has hit the country.

Not to scare you but it can get really bad. Hotels, retirement homes, apartment buildings, AirBNBs located in the heat wave areas should consider having a heat control solution. Protecting their guests from heat hazards should be their top priority. 

Optimized windows can help reduce heat from the hot air and sunlight outside buildings and homes. Without protection in place, you are bound to suffer from not only discomfort, but heat-related illnesses and heat disorders.

Heat-Related Health Issues

Summer heat in some areas shouldn’t be taken lightly. Extreme heat and humid conditions can cause serious health risks. In worse case scenarios, it can even cause death. Buildings and homes should use a heat control solution on windows to filter sources of heat.

Outdoor workers or people who spend most of their day regularly under the sun are prone to heat-related deaths. A fact that makes heat waves deadlier than lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods combined. Employers should consider having a heat illness prevention program in place.

These are the types of heat illnesses you need to look out:

  • Heat stroke is one of the most serious illnesses that can hit you in extremely hot weather. It happens when the body can’t control its temperature, leading to high fever, fainting, or seizures. Severe cases can even lead to death.
  • Heat exhaustion can happen if a person sweats too much. Heavy sweating causes the body to lose too much water and salt. Symptoms include headache, nausea, dizziness, weakness, irritability, thirst, and hyperhidrosis. 
  • Heat cramps are painful cramps in tired muscles often caused by low salt levels from sweating. 
  • Heat rash is a common skin issue during hot weather. The skin irritation is a result of sweat that doesn’t evaporate. 

Being indoors doesn’t necessarily mean you are safe from the dangers of summer heat. Sunlight piercing through the windows can cause UV rays exposure. It can lead to a wide range of skin issues from sun damage to skin cancer. Heat can also build up indoors if your windows, doors, and roofs do not have any heat control solution or proper insulation. 

Since most windows are made of glass, sunlight can easily pass through them. Without protection, you are exposing your interior to the hazards sun rays cause. 

Window Solutions to Block Sunlight and Heat

While most people associate summer with beaches or parties or cruises, some people prefer to stay indoors and away from the burning heat of the sun. Summers in certain areas in the US can become unbearably hot. 

Being indoors doesn’t always equate to being safe from the dangers of extreme heat. Windows without any heat control solution can still keep you exposed. Air conditioning can keep you cool. But with heat penetrating your windows, you increase energy consumption and bills can go through the roof. 

Here are some safe and simple ways to keep the heat out and reduce energy costs. Keep your home cool with any of these heat control solutions:

1. Heat Reflective Window Blinds

motorized blinds heat control solutions
Use motorized blinds or automated shades like SmartShades on windows as heat control solutions.

These blinds bounce the sun’s rays back outside, keeping your home bright but cool. They’re great because they let in natural light without the extra heat, which also helps lower your energy bill.

2. Blackout Window Blinds

Blackout blinds block all light, making your room dark and cool. They come in many colors and designs, so you can pick what suits your style. Just remember, they don’t let any natural light in.

3. Awnings

Create your own shade with materials like fabric or wood and place them strategically outside your windows. Awnings are another great option to block the sun’s heat.

4. Window Films

Window film is a common heat control solution for windows to minimize glare. These films reflect a lot of the sun’s energy and block harmful UV rays. They are perfect for hot climates and help keep your furniture and carpets from fading.

5. Cellular Shades

These stylish shades have air pockets that reduce heat transfer. They’re the most energy-efficient window coverings, blocking up to 60% of the sun’s heat.

6. Weatherstripping

Seal gaps around your windows with weatherstripping. It’s a cheap and easy way to keep cool air inside and hot air out.

7. Energy-Efficient Windows

Invest in new windows that are designed to keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. They might be pricey, but the savings on your energy bills will be worth it. 

8. Shade Landscaping

Plant trees and bushes to block the sun’s rays. This natural method not only cools your indoors but also beautifies your yard. This is ideal for retirement homes as nature can also provide a calming effect for our senior communities.

9. Window Shades

Window shades are among the popular choices for heat control solution as it effectively blocks out the sun. It reduces glare, and protects indoors from UV damage. It comes in different materials and you have a wide range of colors to choose from. 

Using blinds or window shades can certainly work on keeping sunlight out of your buildings. It helps if you have a way to set your window shades to open and close at certain times. One possible solution is to convert them to smart blinds or automated shades

Optimizing Heat Control Solution for Windows with Smart Shades

heat control solutions smart shades
Protect your interior from extreme heat with RYSE’s SmartShades.

If the sun hits specific parts of your building or home at a certain time, it helps to have the shade down to prevent heat from getting in. The problem is if no one is around to do it manually. Your heat control solution becomes pointless.

Hotel rooms aren’t always occupied. AirBNB homes do not often have guests. Attendants in retirement homes are sometimes too busy to ensure each room has the blinds or shades down. 

Today’s smart home technology gives you the power to control how you want the interior of your home or building to function. In line with this technology, SmartShades allows you to control your blinds or window shades automatically or remotely. 

Our beloved senior community in retirement homes do not need to rely on orderlies, nurses, and attendants to open or close their window shades. For example, the RYSE SmartShades has voice control functionality you can activate with their SmartBridge. You can integrate it with Alexa, Hey Google, and Apple HomeKit. SmartShades also comes with SmartButton for easy, simple remote control function.

Hotels do not need to send housekeeping to open or close the blinds or window shades in hotel rooms at certain times. You can set a schedule with SmartShades using the phone app or activate via occupancy sensors. AirBNB can enjoy the same function which guests will surely appreciate and enjoy. 

SmartShades not only optimizes your heat control solution, it can also help you save up to 24% in cooling energy in your space.

How the Future is Preparing for Recurring Summer Heat

Global warming has been an issue for years and the world is experiencing its effect. Technology has been evolving to address this issue. Heat control solutions partner with technology to cope with summer’s rising temperature in certain parts of the United States.

Innovations such as advanced climate control systems, smart thermostats, and energy-efficient cooling technologies are becoming standard. Additionally, sustainable building designs incorporating green roofs and improved insulation are gaining traction. 

These advancements, coupled with increased awareness and proactive planning, promise a safer and more comfortable environment, protecting vulnerable populations from the extreme heat of summer. Embracing these solutions today will help us better prepare for the heat challenges of tomorrow.

RYSE has introduced SmartShades to the market as part of the solution to the extreme heat and harmful UV rays problems. Its automation helps businesses such as hotels and AirBNBs to control the heat control solution they have in place. For more information about this product, visit RYSE.

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