Minoan Experience Announcement

We are delighted to share that RYSE has recently partnered with Minoan Experience, an innovative, native retail startup revolutionizing the way we discover and acquire products during stays at short-term rentals.

To really fall in love with a product, you have to experience it in your everyday life and what better time than when you’re on a vacation in a beautiful home? 

Minoan is a unique, two-way marketplace introducing new products from recognized brands to property owners hosting short term rentals and the guests staying in them. This allows owners to equip their properties with the latest and greatest, like our RYSE SmartShade, while enabling guests to experience, rate and purchase these products on-site. Guests can simply scan a QR code and have the product they’ve fallen in love with during their vacation, delivered straight to their doorstep – recreating the magic of their stay in their own homes.

Our team is always on the hunt for unique ways to drive awareness and engage with new consumers – we are excited that this partnership will allow RYSE’s patented window automation technology to be experienced in more homes.

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