Enhancing Workspace Comfort and Efficiency: Workplace One Adopts RYSE SmartShade Technology


In the dynamic world of co-working spaces, creating an environment that fosters productivity, comfort, and sustainability is paramount. Workplace One, a leading provider of co-working spaces and offices, has taken a significant step towards achieving this goal by integrating RYSE SmartShade technology into its facilities, improving not only productivity, but also achieving significant operational cost savings.


Workplace One prides itself on offering more than just a workspace; it’s a vibrant community where entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businesses come together to thrive. Recognizing the importance of creating functional and stylish workspaces, Workplace One has embraced RYSE SmartShades as a key element in enhancing the comfort and productivity of its members.

The Challenge:

With over 30 windows spread across three floors, Workplace One faced the challenge of managing natural light, temperature control, and privacy for its diverse community of members. Members had complained about heat in the space due to window shades being left open during the hottest times of the day. 

Traditional window treatments were not meeting the needs of the modern co-working spaces. However, replacing over 30 windows that were only installed a few years prior, with fully automated custom shades was not a sustainable option, nor was it in Workplace One’s operational budget. It was also unrealistic and operationally inefficient for the on-site manager to manually manage the opening and closing of that many window shades across multiple floors, several times a day. This led Workplace One to explore other innovative solutions that could enhance comfort and efficiency while aligning with their commitment to sustainability.

The Solution:

RYSE SmartShades emerged as the ideal solution to Workplace One’s window treatment challenges. The retrofit motors are designed to convert existing window shades into motorized SmartShades, without a need for professional installation, and would offer a seamless experience and aesthetic. Simply requiring a basic attachment of the mounting bracket to the wall and looping the beaded chains of the window shades into the RYSE device, installation of the SmartShade on each window took less than 10 minutes each. Every SmartShade device at Workplace One is installed with the BatteryPack, eliminating the need for any unsightly power cords to power the device, and recharging is only required once every 4-6 months. SmartBridges have also been installed at the co-working space to allow for convenient group control of multiple devices at once, and the SmartShades in the entire building are scheduled to go up at opening time, and close automatically at 5:00PM on weekdays. 

Key Features and Benefits:

Compatibility: RYSE SmartShades are compatible with existing window shades controlled by looped, beaded chains, making them a versatile solution for a wide range of window treatments. All existing window shades at Workplace One were of varying sizes and weights, but were all controlled by looped, beaded chains.

Installation: The do-it-yourself installation process eliminates the need for professional installation, saving time and resources for Workplace One. Retrofitting all the window shades in the co-working space required less than 10 minutes per window.

Automation: RYSE SmartShades offer advanced automation capabilities, including scheduled routines for automatic adjustment of shades throughout the day. This ensures that members can enjoy optimal lighting conditions and privacy without the need for manual intervention.

Energy Savings: By reducing solar heat gain and improving insulation, RYSE SmartShades contribute to significant energy savings of up to 24% on heating and cooling bills. This not only benefits Workplace One’s bottom line but also aligns with their commitment to sustainability.

Enhanced Comfort: With RYSE SmartShades, members can easily adjust the shades to suit their preferences with a simply a tap of a button on the device, creating the perfect ambiance for focused work or collaborative sessions. Enhanced privacy and security further contribute to a comfortable and productive workspace environment.


Adrian Wong, Operations Manager: “I was immediately impressed with RYSE and their SmartShade device, as well as its software automation capabilities in providing energy savings and improving the comfort of our occupants. Our members have often complained about extreme heat gains due to the window shades being left open during the day. RYSE SmartShade is being installed in our windows, and automated to reduce solar heat gain, harvest daylight, and save energy while improving the overall comfort of our co-working companies.”

Director of Community Andrea Hennige has also shared her enthusiasm for RYSE SmartShade technology, emphasizing the operational efficiency and comfort they provide for both staff and members alike. Hennige also highlighted the seamless integration of SmartShades into the workspace environment and the overwhelmingly positive feedback received from members.


With the adoption of RYSE SmartShade technology, Workplace One has further solidified its position as a forward-thinking, innovative provider of co-working spaces. By prioritizing comfort, efficiency, and sustainability, Workplace One continues to empower its community of entrepreneurs and businesses to thrive in a dynamic and supportive environment. RYSE SmartShades have proven to be a valuable addition to Workplace One’s toolkit, enhancing workspace comfort and efficiency while contributing to significant energy savings and environmental sustainability.

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