Why You Should Get Growing with a Smart Garden

Are you always forgetting to water your plants? Never know what room to put your plants in and how much light they need? Finding it difficult to know what nutrients to add? Smart Gardens take care of the hard parts so you can enjoy fresh greens from your countertop.

Smart Gardens are an all-year-round growing experience to help you get growing anytime, anywhere. Enjoy delicious 100% organic, pesticide-free herbs and greens that are perfect for a salad, a summer cocktail, or a fresh pizza.

All Season

Experience the benefits of having your own garden at home regardless of where you live. Smart Gardens solve the problem of unpredictable weather and seasonal growth.

Smart Gardens create a controlled environment of light, water, and nutrient-dense pods make it possible to grow to produce all winter.

No More ‘Green Finger’ Excuses:

No more throwing away all those dead plants that you killed because you don’t have ‘green fingers’.

The Smart Garden takes care of all of that. With automated watering, NASA-inspired LED grow lights and environmental sensors smart gardens are a fool-proof growing experience.


No questioning where and how your greens are sourced. No added pesticides or preservatives. It travels from your smart garden to your plate!

Smart Gardens are the perfect healthy choice to grow indoors and be inspired by all your fresh greens.

Food Independence:

Growing fresh, nutritious food can be easy, accessible and the cost savings can add up quickly. Cut down on your grocery bills and the time your food travels to your plate. Get all your fresh herbs and veggies from your countertop instead.


Smart Gardens are an innovative, sophisticated technology with an aesthetically sleek presence that would look good on any counter.

Bring People Together:

A great way to bring family and friends together to use your home-grown ingredients to cook together and try new recipes.

There is so much satisfaction growing with a Smart Garden.

The AVA Byte was created to reinvent gardening, so you can grow fresh food in any season and any space. Indoor gardening made easy, no-mess, no-stress, no remembering to water.

Download the AVA app or simply ask Alexa for updates on your plants progress. The AVA Byte uses smart technology, environmental sensors, soil-free pre seeded, pesticide free pods to provide you with the best growing experience.

Learn more about AVA.

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