How Domonic Uses SmartShade to Automate Hard to Reach Window Shades

One of the less talked about benefits of automated shades is how they help you automate and motorize hard to reach window shades.

Whether your windows are high up or you have a large couch in the way of your window, automated shades are the perfect way to make sure those window shades remain useful and usable.

One person that found exactly how great this benefit can be is AXIS Gear user, Domonic.

A photo of one of Domonic’s AXIS Gear

Domonic wrote a glowing 5-star review on our website and had this to say:

“The Gear I have now (plus the two more I plan to get) was my saving grace! Our living room has a wall full of windows; two rows of windows, where the top row is extremely high and can’t be reached easily.”


Can you imagine that?

Having a wall full of windows with multiple rows?

There really is no choice but to set yourself up with automated shades.

Good call, Domonic!

How Automated Shades Help With Out Of Reach Windows

If you find yourself in a similar situation as Domonic, having a room with multiple window shades that are out of reach, automated shades are the perfect answer.

AXIS Gear on multiple window shades.

The more out of reach window shades you have the more you will need to automate them and there are specific features that you need to look for in your choice of automated shades:

  • Remote control via smartphone so you don’t need to get up to adjust the shades or get up to find the remote control
  • Scheduling so that you can set your window shades to move automatically and not worry about them at all
  • Group control so that you can move all those window shades at the exact same time

Luckily for Domonic, AXIS Gear and RYSE SmartShades have all of those features built-in at no additional cost.

A living room with the couch blocking the window shades and AXIS Gear installed.

In fact, keeping the costs of automated shades as low is possible is part of our mission to make automated shades available to everyone and anyone.

Aren’t Automated Shades Expensive?

But what if some of your window shades are reachable and don’t necessarily need to be automated?

Wouldn’t that result in all your window shades not matching?

And more importantly: wouldn’t that be extremely expensive to make all of your window shades smart and automated?

Well, this is actually what happened with Domonic.

In his review, he went on to say:

“My other issue is that my lower row of windows are reachable so I could save some money and not make those motorized but then they wouldn’t match the uppers. I was so frustrated with my options, until I found Axis Gear. These will solve all my problems!”


Normally, making all of your window shades automated would be an expensive endeavor.

RYSE SmartShades on a hard to reach window shade.

Thankfully with AXIS Gear, you get twice the possibilities at only half the price.

Defining “Hard To Reach” Shades

So how can you tell if your particular window shades qualify as “hard to reach”?

Obviously, that is your call to make. However, there are several ways that your window shades may be out of reach and in need of automation.

These include:

  • Windows behind large furniture items like a couch
  • Specialty windows in-ceiling or skylight positions
  • Having multiple rows of window shades
  • Having window shades high up on your wall
A living room with the couch blocking the window shades.

Essentially, if you find it burdensome to adjust your window shades in any way, then you too will benefit from making them smart and automated.

Become An Investor in RYSE, Inc. 

Our vision is to put an RYSE product on every window shade. We want people to think of RYSE when they think of smart shades.

RYSE SmartShade, being an automated solution, just makes life easier – everything is done for you, so you can maintain a comfortable lifestyle. For example, you can have your shades open every morning at 8 AM to help you wake up and allow that morning light to brighten up your morning. Or, if you’re sitting on the sofa for an afternoon movie, you can easily tell Google or Alexa to lower the shades to prevent glare. It just makes life more comfortable and easy.

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