As seen on QVC: RYSE SmartShade Shines as an Accessible Living Solution We are thrilled to share exciting news about RYSE SmartShade’s recent May 25th appearance on QVC. Presented by product expert Craig Smith during QVC’s new “Accessible Living” segment, RYSE SmartShade was showcased as an innovative solution that not Continue Reading

As seen on QVC’s Accessible Living: RYSE SmartShade

SmartShades are the next big thing in the smart home industry. They offer a high-tech solution to window treatments for those who want privacy and energy efficiency without sacrificing their view out of their windows. We know this to be true for 3 main reasons: Market data points to a Continue Reading

Why SmartShades Are The Next Big Thing In The Smart Home Industry

One of the most important ways we’ve been able to continuously build better and better products is by leveraging our community for feedback and guidance. Not only does this allow us to build the best products that we can but also dramatically helps us focus our limited development time and Continue Reading

How RYSE Leverages The Community To Build A Better Product

The suite of Smart products from RYSE can be set up quickly and easily, and work together to give you the smartest home on the block. Most smart home products offer intelligent automation features by sacrificing simplicity, in our experience, this is particularly true when it comes to installing and Continue Reading

How The SmartShade Ecosystem Works

RYSE SmartShade works in harmony with smart home brands that you already know and love to make life more simple. Control all the shades in your home with some of your favorite brands like Apple, Google, and Alexa. Nothing is as simple and easy as controlling your shades with your Continue Reading

What SmartShades Works With

One of the biggest differences between our first-generation product, AXIS Gear, and our improved second-generation product, RYSE SmartShade, is that we’ve developed our own hub, the SmartBridge, to be paired with SmartShade for the true RYSE experience. But, what is the SmartBridge and why exactly do we highly recommend that Continue Reading

Why RYSE Created Their Own Hub: The RYSE SmartBridge

Not all hotels are created equal. When it comes to the visual brand and aesthetic of any hotel, there are many factors that can be considered in order to create an experience that is both unique and memorable. Hotel owners put a lot of time and money into their exact Continue Reading

How SmartShade Perfectly Fits A Hotel’s Brand And Aesthetic

When we launched our first-generation smart shading product, AXIS Gear, the only power option that we included in the packaging for the first 2 years was the Solar Bar. The Solar Bar was a solar panel with AA batteries (for backup) that could be attached to the AXIS Gear to Continue Reading

Why RYSE Chose To Go Wire-Free With The BatteryPack

Over the past few years, we have proven our products have massive appeal in consumer spaces, but with the launch of our second-generation smart shade product, we’re extremely excited as a company to prove the larger vision for our company. With the introduction of RYSE SmartShade, we are excited to Continue Reading

How RYSE Makes It Easy To Deploy Smart Shades In A Building

Privacy is a hot-button issue for many home and building owners. It’s no surprise that people want to feel safe in their homes, and the idea of someone looking into your windows when walking or driving by your property has caused many people to take some extra precautions. Sure, home Continue Reading

How SmartShades Improve Privacy

Market research from TechNavio indicates that “The Global Smart Shades market is expected to grow from $162 million in 2019 to $1.47 billion in 2024. Of this, $247 million will come from new installations, while $1.22 billion will come from retrofits and replacements.” Although there are plenty of reasons for Continue Reading

How RYSE Helps Businesses Meet Building Codes & Regulations

The global Smart Home industry totaled $158 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow to $262.6 billion by 2025. However, RYSE’s segment of the smart home industry is actually still in its infancy. The smart shade market totaled $162 million in 2019 but is projected to grow to nearly Continue Reading

The #1 Reason Smart Shades Are Only In 2% of Homes (…For Now)

Our online equity crowdfunding raise has now been live for over a couple months and we’ve made some great progress thus far. We’re so excited to be building a team of investors and would love for you to join us. Remember – if you invest more than $2,500, you’ll receive Continue Reading

CEO’s Top Reasons To Invest In RYSE

As you’re probably aware, we are currently seeking investors through our online equity crowdfunding campaign. What you probably don’t know is that we already have a pretty substantial team of institutional and angel investors. This team from around the globe has helped our company get to the point it has Continue Reading

Who Are RYSE’s Investors?

So you’ve done some research and decided that you’re ready to invest in putting SmartShade on your window shades. You want the benefits of motorized shades but don’t want to deal with tossing out your perfectly good shades or the traditionally hefty price tag (who wouldn’t!). Of course, the ability Continue Reading

Are Your Windows Ready for SmartShade?

Ultimately, we wanted to make sure our product was easy for everyone to use, which is a key reason why we made the switch from ZigBee to WIFI. This decision has allowed us to create a more user-friendly product that is also easier than ever before to set up.Although ZigBee Continue Reading

Why We Switched From ZigBee To WIFI

What Is A RYSE Pilot Project? Pilot projects are real-world opportunities to experiment with any new idea or approach at a smaller scale to make sure that it is feasible to deploy at a larger scale. For RYSE, pilot projects are currently completely focused on deploying our product in commercial Continue Reading

How (& Why) RYSE Secures Pilot Projects

The team behind RYSE is the same team that brought AXIS Gear to market in 2016. SmartShade is simply the 2nd generation device in our line of smartshades devices, with the first generation version being AXIS Gear. Naturally, it makes sense to wonder how exactly SmartShade sets its self apart Continue Reading

How Is SmartShade Different From AXIS Gear?

Kickstarter is an interesting place. It’s a platform where people from all over the world can come together and decide to fund projects that they think are important or just cool. We chose Kickstarter for our launch because we felt it was the perfect place to raise funds and awareness Continue Reading

Why RYSE Chose To Launch SmartShade on Kickstarter

It’s no secret that there are a few different ways to get motorized blinds or automated shades today. On the one hand, there are the overpriced traditional motorized blinds of the past. On the other is a variety of cheap Chinese knock off retrofit options. With all that choice available Continue Reading

Why Justin M Uses SmartShade After Testing Every Option

Since we launched our equity crowdfunding campaign in March, one of the questions we’ve received a lot is why we aren’t on a platform like WeFunder, StartEngine, or Republic. As you’re probably aware, we’re currently hosting an online raise on our own web domain at When we first looked Continue Reading

Why We’re Hosting Our Raise On Our Own Website

One of the number 1 ways that our customers love to use their automated shades is by using the scheduling feature. Here at RYSE, we are constantly surveying our customers to see what features they like and what features they don’t like. Time and time again, our surveys show us Continue Reading

How Henry B Uses Weekly Schedules to Automate His Shades