One of the number 1 ways that our customers love to use their automated shades is by using the scheduling feature. Here at RYSE, we are constantly surveying our customers to see what features they like and what features they don’t like. Time and time again, our surveys show us Continue Reading

When you’re putting together your very own Smart Home, it’s important to have all your devices work together. Communication in the Smart Home space can be a little tricky. There are quite a few different communication protocols without a clear standard (yet). Names like WiFi, Bluetooth, ZigBee and even Z-Wave, Continue Reading

We’ve received a lot of questions about our equity crowdfunding campaign, which has been live now for a couple months. A lot of these questions have centered around our valuation, so I wanted to put together a blog post where I can take some time to do a deep dive. Continue Reading

One of the less talked about benefits of automated shades is how they help you automate and motorize hard to reach window shades. Whether your windows are high up or you have a large couch in the way of your window, automated shades are the perfect way to make sure Continue Reading

One of the main reasons that we chose to launch our product early on Kickstarter was for all the great feedback we knew that we would receive from the passionate community of Kickstarter backers. By engaging with the community, we were able to learn a lot about our customers and Continue Reading

Here at RYSE, we believe that the way we work is just as important as the things we work on. Because the culture at RYSE is everything to us, we made sure to take time to craft the core values that define us. These values not only help guide our Continue Reading

“I found what appears to be a duplicate or knock-off of your product on, apparently from an offshore seller. How do you plan to protect your company from low-priced knockoffs? What is your competitive advantage?” I get these questions a lot and I absolutely love answering them. First, the Continue Reading

This is Part 2 of our two part story! A lot of people are asking how we came up with the idea for our company, and what the difference between RYSE and AXIS is. Well, we’re here to share our story of RYSE, how we got started, and what the Continue Reading

Here at RYSE, we think it is important to keep in touch with our customers and know exactly how they are using our products. Quite simply, this allows us to build the best products that we can. One great way we like to keep in touch is by constantly surveying Continue Reading

As the world continues to shift towards sustainability and an environmentally-conscious mindset, it’s important that you and your business shifts with it. Not only do you get to experience the endless benefits of making the world a better place, but there is also actually a direct and tangible benefit to Continue Reading

One thing that is not talked about as often as it should is how a building can actually impact a person’s health and wellbeing. It is for that reason that in 2014, the Well Building Standard was created by the International WELL Building Institute to actually measure that impact. Image: Continue Reading

The Americans with Disabilities Act is a civil rights law that aims to make sure anyone with disabilities has the same rights and opportunities as those without disabilities by making mandatory requirements for public and private buildings to adhere to. Don’t have time to read the entire ADA document but Continue Reading

Watch the RYSE founder/CEO, Trung Pham, present at the #PitchItSkiptheLine event online this Thursday at 2 pm EST! #PitchItSkiptheLine is an exclusive closed pitch event, that includes top Angels and Investors, that has been put together by Open People Network (OPN), the City of Toronto, and StartupHERE Toronto. To learn more about Continue Reading

Smart home products are all the rage right now as the Internet of Things (IOT) becomes part of our everyday home and work lives.  As an industry, the Global Smart Shades Market is expected to grow from $162 million in 2019 to $1.47 billion in 2024. Of this, $247 million Continue Reading

Completely replacing older parts in your home in favor of new and smart products can be expensive, complicated, and time-consuming. Here at RYSE, we believe the future of the smart home is retrofit. For products that are supposed to make your life simpler, getting smart home products ready for your Continue Reading

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit every business and individual in many different ways. But, how has our small but mighty company adapted to this? It’s actually quite simple: we took a people-first approach. By making sure that anyone involved with creating, delivering or using our products is safe, we’ve been Continue Reading

We started RYSE to address two core problems that people face when trying to motorize their window shades today: cost and complexity. RYSE SmartShade completely disrupts the industry by making the process of getting motorized shades infinitely less expensive and complicated. One obvious way that we accomplish this by having Continue Reading

What if you could invest like Mr. Wonderful? The face of ABC’s Shark Tank?  Would you invest in startups like Airbnb or Uber before their IPO’s and went public?  Take a second and imagine if you did. You would be proud of yourself for making such a savvy investment choice Continue Reading

In part 1 of our series of The Market Potential For Smart Shades, we explored the general market potential of the smart shade industry, but, more specifically, we focused on the consumer segment of the market. However, things actually get much more interesting when the commercial market is considered. Let’s Continue Reading

Knowing the true market potential for a product or industry is an important part of any business’s future growth. Knowing this is not only crucial to any potential investors, but also for the company itself. When we came up with the idea behind RYSE SmartShade, we knew that it was Continue Reading

This is Part 1 of our two part story! A lot of people are asking how we came up with the idea for our company, and what the difference between RYSE and AXIS is. Well, we’re here to share our story of RYSE, how we got started, and what the Continue Reading

Increased privacy and security Is your bathroom too close to your neighbors? Set your shades to lower when you enter the bathroom and rise again as you leave. You can even automatically lower your shades before you hit the hay so you can go to sleep in privacy.If you’re looking Continue Reading