As seen on QVC’s Accessible Living: RYSE SmartShade

As seen on QVC: RYSE SmartShade Shines as an Accessible Living Solution

We are thrilled to share exciting news about RYSE SmartShade’s recent May 25th appearance on QVC. Presented by product expert Craig Smith during QVC’s new “Accessible Living” segment, RYSE SmartShade was showcased as an innovative solution that not only enhances the functionality of your home, but also promotes accessibility for individuals of all abilities. Join us as we delve into the details of this exciting event and discover how RYSE SmartShade is transforming the way we experience our living spaces!

RYSE SmartShade Featured on QVC

Accessibility For All:

At RYSE, we believe in creating products that cater to everyone’s needs, and being featured on QVC’s “Accessible Living” segment was a testament to our commitment to inclusivity. With our retrofit solution, not only do motorized shades no longer have to come with inaccessibly high price tags, but RYSE SmartShade also offers an enhanced living experience for a wide range of individuals ranging from those who have a disability, are aging, post-surgery and recovery, to caregiving communities.

During QVC’s segment, the RYSE SmartShade and BatteryPack were presented as accessibility devices that simplify everyday tasks and promotes independent living. This recognition highlights the versatility and practicality of our retrofit solution, enhancing convenience and daily life!

Enhancing Everyday Living:

RYSE SmartShade takes accessibility to a new level, allowing users to effortlessly control their window shades with just a touch of a button – no more pulling on heavy chains or having to climb over furniture to access the chains – particularly if an individual has physical immobilities. 

Whether it’s adjusting the shades to control the amount of natural light or managing privacy and security, RYSE SmartShade offers a seamless and accessible solution for every home. The long-lasting BatteryPack also allows for a wire-free environment – no more tripping over wires!

Promoting Independence:

For individuals with mobility challenges, RYSE SmartShade empowers them to take control of their environment. Through the free RYSE mobile app or the on-device buttons, users can easily operate the opening and closing of their window shades at their convenience, eliminating the need for manual adjustments or reaching out for assistance. This newfound independence not only enhances daily living but also promotes a sense of autonomy and self-reliance.

Simplifying Installation and Compatibility:

RYSE SmartShade’s installation process is a breeze, ensuring that anyone can enjoy its benefits. With our simple DIY kit, turning a regular window shade into a motorized smart blind takes less than 10 minutes. RYSE SmartShade’s versatility extends to its compatibility, as it can effortlessly motorize any window shade controlled by a looped, beaded chain, regardless of size or brand.

Embrace the Future of Living:

Being featured on QVC allowed us to demonstrate the incredible capabilities and practicality of the RYSE SmartShade. Seeing the product in action helped viewers quickly grasp the transformative power behind our brand. As we continue to innovate and refine our retrofit solutions for window coverings, we invite you to join us on this journey to embrace the future of living!

RYSE SmartShade’s appearance on QVC’s “Accessible Living” segment has been an incredible milestone for us. We are proud to offer an affordable solution that not only enhances the aesthetics and functionality of your home but also promotes accessibility and independence for all individuals. 

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