Big Announcement: the NEW SmartCurtain from RYSE

Today, I am absolutely thrilled to unveil the official launch video for the RYSE SmartCurtain. If you were present at our Launch Party, you would have gotten to see this incredible new product in person, but for those that couldn’t make it, here it is:  

Why is this a game-changer for RYSE? Window shades with beaded chain mechanisms are the most popular, but they still only serve part of the massive window covering industry.
Curtains have always been a popular option and are making a strong comeback, especially in commercial settings like hotels.
The RYSE SmartCurtain places a previously inaccessible segment of the market within our reach. It has been designed after extensive market research, and incorporates cutting edge technology that we believe outperforms all other products in its domain.We are transitioning to a multi-product company that can service customers with many different types of smart shade/curtain mechanisms. The future is bright for our company and our investors. I hope you share my excitement and decide to join us on our journey of bringing automated shades (and curtains) to every home and business.

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