RYSE Gains Increased Media Attention

Our success in Best Buy has not gone unnoticed, and over the last few weeks, our company has received increased media attention! Our brand is starting to become recognized for our unique approach to window shade automation, and this week we were featured on CTV, Canada’s largest privately owned broadcasting network.You can watch our segment at the link below, or check out the full broadcast¬†here.
Global news also aired a segment today on their Tech Minute show, introducing our products to their viewers. Watch the segment below!
I was also invited to be a guest on the iHeart Radio Tech Talk Podcast with Marc Saltzman. Marc has called the Smart Home category the best performing category in tech – you can listen in to our discussion below starting at 13:50. 
I’m grateful to also have been named as one of the Emerging Tech Leaders in 2024, by the Peak. The Peak is a popular publication in Canada that was recently acquired by ZoomerMedia, another major player in the Canadian broadcasting space.Prior to receiving the award, I was interviewed by their founder to share insights about our journey, and how we’ve received the support from thousands of investors. Watch the interview below:
Our recent expansion into retail stores is significantly increasing the popularity of our products and our brand.We are determined to further extending our reach across additional distribution channels and expanding our product offerings.

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