How RYSE Leverages The Community To Build A Better Product

One of the most important ways we’ve been able to continuously build better and better products is by leveraging our community for feedback and guidance.

Not only does this allow us to build the best products that we can but also dramatically helps us focus our limited development time and effort on the features that will have the biggest impact on our users.

Knowing as much about our customers as possible, including how they intend to use the product and what their expectations are allows us to be the best possible company we can be.

In this article, I’ll shed some light on how we collect and use feedback to build better products.

How We Collect Feedback

There are 3 mains ways that we collect feedback here at RYSE:

  1. One-on-one conversations
  2. Surveys
  3. Crowdfunding

Whether it is from social media, customer support, or even the odd call with the founder, one-on-one conversations are really one of our favorite ways to stay in touch with the needs of our users and collect feedback on how we are doing and where we can improve.

Another great way we like to keep in touch is by constantly surveying our customers. Surveys allow our team to ask highly specific questions as well as being more proactive about getting feedback and input from our users.

Lastly, we’ve greatly leveraged crowdfunding since we’ve started as a company. In particular, Kickstarter has an active, passionate, and very outspoken community, which we found invaluable when launching our 2nd-generation smart shading device, the RYSE SmartShade.

The Importance Of Knowing What Features To Add

There are 2 main reasons why we find it so important to know what are the right features to add to our products. These are to improve the RYSE experience and to make the most out of our small tech startup’s limited resources.

The first, and perhaps the more obvious of the 2, is that it helps us improve the experience our products and our company provide. After all, a customer-first approach is the best approach.

Naturally, creating products that are chock full of features that people love is a fantastic way to make people happy and to find success as a company. However, the 2nd reason may be a bit less obvious.

Let’s dive into these 2 reasons a bit closer to get a better idea of why we put such a great emphasis on customer feedback here at RYSE.

Improving The RYSE Experience

Our team is constantly working hard to improve the SmartShade experience by improving old features and adding new features. Honest feedback is invaluable to our team because it allows us to improve our products and the RYSE experience at large.

Whether it allows us to increase our focus on a particular feature or expand upon that feature in a meaningful way, know as much as possible about the needs and wants of our user’s is critical to how we’ve gotten to where we are today.

This knowledge even transfers over to how we chose to market our company and products. The more we know about our ideal customer, the more we are able to put our product in front of the people who are most likely to have a valuable improvement to their home and life thanks to our smart shading experiences.

Making The Most Out Of Limited Resources

Lastly, community feedback allows us to make the most out of the limited resources we have available to us.

As a small tech startup, we have a finite amount of money, time, and talent. This is why it is incredibly important to make sure that what we chose to work on is well-thought-out and has the highest chance to have the highest amount of impact.

Conversations, surveys, and the crowdfunding community allow our team to greatly improve those chances and allow for laser-focused direction in our efforts.

Ultimately, this kind of direction really does allow our team to focus our drive to work hard in the most meaningful and impactful areas and is a key reason why we leverage the community to help hit our hairy audacious goals.

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