How RYSE Makes It Easy To Deploy Smart Shades In A Building

Over the past few years, we have proven our products have massive appeal in consumer spaces, but with the launch of our second-generation smart shade product, we’re extremely excited as a company to prove the larger vision for our company.

With the introduction of RYSE SmartShade, we are excited to prove to the world that RYSE makes smart products that are truly game-changers in commercial settings.

Although the reasons are many, the #1 reason for this is due to the fact that RYSE makes it so easy to deploy smart shades in a building.

Keep reading to learn more about the exciting future of smart buildings that will be using RYSE technology.

Disrupting The Window Shade Industry

We started RYSE to address two core problems that people face when trying to motorize their window shades today: cost and complexity.

With SmartShade, we’ve created a product that completely disrupts the industry by making the process of getting motorized shades infinitely less expensive and complicated.

Learn more: How RYSE Will Disrupt The Window Shade Industry With SmartShades

One obvious way that we accomplish this by having an intuitive approach to motorization that allows users to retrofit their window shades to become motorized shades.

This technology turns the traditional approach on its head, and as you will see later in this article, is critical to how we make it is so easy to deploy into buildings when compared to the older traditional motorized blind options.

How Do Smart Shades Work?

To truly appreciate the RYSE approach to motorization, you first need to have a detailed look into how our retrofit technology actually works.

RYSE SmartShade is the most affordable solution to motorize any window shade that has a beaded chain. From roller shades to roman shades, regardless of brand or size.

SmartShade is the second-generation version of our smart shades product (the first being AXIS Gear) and is only the first of many retrofit devices designed and developed by RYSE to intelligently automate window treatments of all types, sizes, and brands.

With SmartShade, we motorize the type of pull mechanism that is most common in commercial buildings and hotels: continuous cord loops.

Continuous cord loops are usually beaded chains, unlike straight strings/cords, loop over the window shade’s headrail to create one endless cord.

Here are some examples of what different continuous cord loops look like while installed into SmartShade:

Installation is as simple as looping the blind or shade’s beaded chain into SmartShade (like shown above) and making sure to mount SmartShade onto the wall or frame nearby.

Our product is so easy to install, that our customers can easily install them all by themselves. In fact, making installation as simple as possible was a key requirement for our engineering and design teams.

This ease of installation makes it much easier to deploy across a multitude of windows in any building, drastically cutting down installation times.

See how simple it is to install for yourself:

1. Attach the mounting bracket with screws (for wood frames) or double-sided tape (for metal frames).

2. Loop your chain into the cogwheel. 

3. Snap it on to the mounting bracket.

How We Make It Easy

The installation process is only the first part of how we make it so easy to deploy SmartShade in any building.

In addition to the straightforward installation, no wiring or separate accessories are required. Once installed, setup is just as simple.

The non-obtrusive, retrofit nature of our product also means that building owners can keep their shades and retain the look and feel of their space. A benefit of SmartShade that interior designers are also quite fond of.

This also means that there are minimal lead times since there are no made-to-order parts or any custom manufacturing needed to adapt to any window sizes or settings.

But, don’t take our word for it. Here is what Paul Wang (Senior Associate at Y.A. Associates) had to say about our first-generation product, AXIS Gear, after deploying it into The Avery Tower in San Francisco.

“As a retrofit solution that allows window shades that are already installed in the unit to become motorized, it was the ideal solution for our project.”

Paul Wang

All of this means that RYSE projects get finished under budget and on time, at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

The Future Of Smart Buildings With RYSE Technology

Completely replacing older parts in any building in favor of new and smart products can be expensive, complicated, and time-consuming.

This is a big reason that smart buildings are still a thing of the future. Thankfully, here at RYSE, we believe the future of the smart home is retrofit and smart buildings are next in line.

Over 780,000 commercial buildings have ‘Building Automation Systems’ (BAS) with 220,000 having lighting automation (source: Energy Information Agency).

RYSE SmartShade not only integrates with these Building Automation Systems, but it is also an effective and efficient way to handle a massive problem that plagues many businesses and buildings: cutting back on energy usage and HVAC loads.

Another great way that RYSE and our suite of smart shade products can help businesses is by helping them meet energy-savings-focused building codes.

With increasing legislation against building emissions, such as the Green New Deal & Local Law 97 that require buildings to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by specified targets, our products are the perfect solution for buildings to effectively meet both current and future regulations, at a fraction of the cost of traditional solutions.

Learn more about how RYSE helps businesses meet energy-focused building codes.

Become An Investor In RYSE, Inc

Our vision is to OWN the “Smart Shades” space. And to do this, we need to develop a product for every type of window covering out there.

We want RYSE to be synonymous with smart shades — just like what Nest is to the thermostat, Ring is to the doorbell, or Dyson is to the vacuum, we want consumers to think of RYSE when they think of smart shades!

My team and I are committed to our vision and have tons of ideas to help us realize it in the near future. 

Investors, join our movement and get involved by investing in RYSE today:

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